Development Strategies, Inc. provides innovative, highly personalized fundraising consulting and project management services, including:

  • Pre-Campaign Feasibility Studies
  • Capital Campaign Counsel
  • Current Development Program Assessments
  • Short and Long-Term Project Management
  • Board Development

Pre-Campaign Feasibility Studies

The Feasibility Study is designed to provide an organization with an objective assessment of how it is perceived by the people it serves and in the community at large. The study provides the basis from which any and all fundraising strategies will be developed and answers the critical questions that must be asked prior to embarking on a major fundraising initiative. In many respects, it replaces fear and anxiety with a level of confidence that the staff, board and volunteers need to make their cumulative efforts rewarding and successful.  

Your feasibility study will be tailored to answer questions like:

  • Is our organization well positioned to begin a major fundraising effort?
  • If not, what elements are missing? What needs to be accomplished before we proceed?
  • If so, what does the campaign plan look like?  
  • How much can be raised toward our financial goals?
  • What are the campaign’s budget requirements
  • How do we staff the campaign?
  • Who will identify, recruit and train the necessary volunteers? 
  • How do we identify potential donors?
  • Who will contribute? 
  • How long will the campaign last?

Capital Campaign Counsel

Outside oversight of a major fundraising initiative provides the executive director and his or her staff the support needed for them to pursue their day-to-day activities while managing a major fundraising initiative at the same time.  

Campaign counsel provides a framework and specific action steps for the staff and volunteers as they execute the campaign. Capital campaigns are not routinely conducted by organizations and are typically years apart. Contracting with fundraising professionals, who have experienced many campaigns, helps protect the organization from the pitfalls associated with poorly conducted campaigns.

Current Development Program Assessments

With more and more agencies seeking higher levels of philanthropic support from their constituencies, in-house fundraising efforts can benefit from regular evaluations and assessments. From an objective perspective, the outside development consultant analyzes ongoing efforts and identifies specific opportunities that can gain greater support for the organization. 

Project Management

All too often, projects fall behind schedule because the individual(s) charged with developing and managing its day-to-day activities are over committed with other full-time job responsibilities. 

External project management provides the opportunity for an organization to move forward in a timely and cost-effective way without requiring superhuman expectations from others in the organization. 

The consultants at Development Strategies, Inc. have a working knowledge of the intricacies and unique characteristics associated with interim and time-sensitive projects. We can lend a higher level of oversight and accountability to your organization’s endeavor. 

Board Development 

The heart, soul and energy of an organization are reflected in its leadership. From strategies for development to staff morale, the Board of Directors is responsible for setting the tone and vigor in which the organization’s goals and programs are carried out. Having a committed and engaged board is critical for maintaining clarity in the organization’s vision or purpose. The more clearly defined the vision, the more opportunities for effective and efficient development programming. An organization can operate with a detached board, but it will never flourish. 

Development Strategies, Inc. has worked with boards of all shapes and sizes over the years and has learned to quickly recognize when a board is ready to take the organization to a new level and when the board is responsible for holding it back.

Whether your board is comprised of newcomers, seasoned members or a blend of both, whether it is energized or suffering from stagnant thinking, effective facilitation by an objective firm can help rejuvenate the board and reinforce your goals. This can be pivotal in leading your organization to its next level.